In a new book, ‘The Good Nurse,’ by Charles Graeber, Irish American Amy Loughner tells the story of the long process of helping police put a former friend in jail in 2006.

Loughner was a fellow nurse of the ‘Angel of Death’, known to her as Charles Cullen, a man who is currently serving 17 life sentences for murder.  Cullen admitted to 40 killings of patients while working as a nurse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but police believe his murder total is closer to 400.

After wearing a wire to help police, Loughner went the extra mile to ensure justice would be served. She told the New York Post, “When I got there, I said, ‘I need to get this confession.’”

Her strategy was simple, caring for Cullen’s soul and hugging him to ease the 7 hour interrogation.

Loughner explained that, “I told him that he had the opportunity to be the hero that day.”

The strategy worked as Cullen muttered to Loughner, “I’ll talk, but I want the death penalty.”

Cullen is believed to poison victims for no real reason besides thrill. If his total killing were found to be 400, he would then be the most prolific serial killer in American History.

“I believe the reason he confessed is because I cared about him,” Loughner still affirms.