Manhattan Irish-American lawyer Ted McCullough, 47, is denying allegations from his sister-in-law that he sexually assaulted her. McCullough claims that their relations were consensual as his wife’s sister Adrienne Mesko was trying to have a baby.

His wife Deirdre Chiaramonte, a Manhattan veteran, has since filed for divorce, but court papers show that the two are attempting to reconcile.

The New York Post reports McCullough is now waging a $7 million lawsuit against Mesko, insisting that their relations were consensual and that he was only trying to help.

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He filed his lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court last week citing defamation, malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to McCullough, Mesko and her husband were not able to conceive a child together, thus Mesko allegedly looked to McCullough for help rather than opting for fertility treatments.

Mesko, however, claims that she was assaulted.

The two reportedly met in Hyde Park in Dutchess County, New York over two days to have intercouse. The court heard in explicit detail that “she pulled her naked legs up in a crab-like position to increase the chances of conception. She then stated to him, ‘Thank you, I know you are doing me a favor.’ ”

Court papers show that McCullough had “high regard” for his brother-in-law and felt that he would make a “fine, responsible and upstanding father.”

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After their relations, McCullough claims that he was repaid with “bile.” He goes on to accuse Mesko of having “mental disorders,” and mixing a “cocktail” of fertility drugs with “regular doses of alcohol,” and says she can hold only “low-paying” restaurant jobs despite having a college degree.

No arrests have been made, but Captain John Watterson said, “there is an active police investigation into the matter.”

Mesko presented her case in the Dutchess County Family Court and obtained an order of protection from McCullough, who later obtained the same for her.

McCullough says that the entire incident has brought emotional distress to him and his family. McCullough’s attorney declined comment on the matter.

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