The Irish American Democrats group has issued an unprecedented call for volunteers to fly to Cleveland, Ohiofor the final weeks of the presidential campaign.

Irish American
Democrats founder Stella O’Leary stated the election was coming down toOhio and the Irish needed to help re-elect President Obama.

“We only have two weekends left to talk to voters before Election Day. We had a great showing this weekend, knocking on more doors than ever before. If you haven't yet, please join our team for a canvass or phone bank. She especially appealed forIrish Americans to travel to Cleveland the weekend of the election.

“‘We have a Get Out the Vote weekend (Saturday 11/3-Tuesday 11/6). This election will come down to turn-out, and thePresident needs everyone who is physically capable to knock on doors and make sure our supporters vote.

I understand that canvassing makes some people nervous, but know that this is literally the most important thing you can do to help re-elect the President.” she stated. “This election will be lost and won in the Ohio suburbs,” she stated. “We need to help get the vote out.”

The Irish effort is concentrated on Cleveland District 19 where a large Irish Americanpopulation resides and which is considered one of the key swing vote areas in the state,

She saidIrish Americans will be operating a major phone bank operating out of  P.J. McIntyre’s bar and restaurant in Cleveland. They will also be volunteering at the President Clinton, Bruce Springsteen event this week in Cleveland

Irish American
Democratsbegan during the Clinton presidency and helped raise millions for the Clinton campaigns. Their website is