Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is making the murder of an eight year old boy, Leiby Kreitzy, his top priority after claims his office was moving to slowly.

A spokesman for Hynes issued a statement saying that “The District Attorney has made this case a priority,” in reference to the kidnapping and dismembering crime against the eight year-old Orthodox Jewish boy from Brooklyn, NY.

Despite the reassurances that this statement will bring to the enraged community affected by this crime, the case has been stalling

 However, investigators want to take their time on the case and make sure no details are missed. Police Commissioner Kelly stated that the investigation is “going slowly.”

Leiby Kletzky was reported missing on July 11th after failing to meet his mother at a designated spot on 13th ave after walking home from Yeshiva Boyan, where he was attending day camp. By July 13th, a full-scale search had commenced and Levi Aron, 35, was arraigned on charges of murder and kidnapping,.

Leiby was found dismembered with scratch marks on his arm and evidence of suffocating on him body, indicating that he found against his murderer. Police suspect that Aron took Leiby, but only killed him when he heard about the search. Currently, Aron has claimed innocence, despite the allegations against him.

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A neighbor said that Aron’s family is “dysfunctional” and Aron himself is “disturbed.” He also made it clear that he kept his kids away from the Aron home. Not denying the fact that Aron has been facing emotional issues prior to the murder, his lawyers have suggested pursuing an insanity defense, reported the Heritage. Aron is currently on a suicide watch.

Aside from making the case a priority and expressing their deepest condolences, Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted that “there’s not a lot else we can say.” Bloombeg visited the family’s shiva for Leiby, which is a seven-day long mourning event taking place at the home of the family of the dead relative.  It is customary for friends and family to come and pay their respects, and Bloomberg did just that, donning a traditional Jewish skullcap for the occasion.

Mayor Bloomberg concluded his visit with, “I think we should, before we go to bed, take a look at our children and recognize how lucky we are to have them. Pray this doesn’t happen to us.”