Iris Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson, has returned to her Belfast home after nine months of psychiatric treatment in London.

Robinson, a politician in her own right, became embroiled in a major sex scandal after it was revealed she had a long-term affair with Kirk McCambley the 19-year-old son of one of her best friends.

She had also set him up in business and had used money earmarked for local development funds. Robinson, (61), had  arranged $100,000 in secret loans for her lover to open a new restaurant.

Her husband Peter Robinson has asked the media for privacy now that his wife  is back home.

Iris Robinson had been attending a private psychiatric clinic in London for the past nine months and will continue to receive counseling back in Northern Ireland.

At the time she went to Britain Robinson had tried to commit suicide after her affair was revealed. She was on suicide watch back then but was later photographed shopping in exclusive parts of London.

Robinson returned to Northern Ireland by ferry on Saturday and was met by family there.

She was a member of  the Northern Ireland Assembly and the House of Commons as an MP.

Robinson had been vocal in attacking gays calling their lifestyle “an abomination” before her fall from grace.