Raising voter awareness by raising their temperatures? That's how the founder of a new website ranking Irish politicians by their physical desirability describes his latest venture.

Francis Boulle has serious aims, but he revealed to the Irish Examiner this week that although he realized that some people would find it offensive, he hoped most would see the funny side.

The so called political 'lust list' has been topped by Fine Gael minister Sean Kyne and Sinn Fein’s Sandra McLellan, Galway and Cork representatives repectivly, who were voted the Irish Parliament's most desirable deputies in an online poll.

Sexytd.com pits two random ministers against each other, with web users tasked with choosing which politician they would rather sleep with.

When questioned about his win Kyne told the press he wasn’t taking it too seriously, insisting it was 'just a bit of fun.'

The Galway West minister philosophically suggested that another politician would lift the most fanciable crown next week.

"It’s ever-changing and it will be someone else out in front next week."

Among the strange bedfellows to be found on the site was a face-off between Gerry Adams and Willie O’Dea. Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny came in 38th place in the most fanciable scores.