Ireland's number one criminal boss was gunned down in cold blood on Friday night in a Dublin pub.

Drug trafficker and armed robber Eamon Dunne, 33, was regarded as 'public enemy number one" and was murdered as he sat drinking at a 40th birthday party.

The gunman and an associate walked into the pub in the Northside neighborhood of Cabra and sought Dunne out. The shooter fired up to half a dozen times, striking Dunne in the head and killing him instantly.

The body of the gangland boss was sprawled on the floor as patrons fled. Police rushed to the scene and sealed off the pub.

Dunne was chief suspect in at least a dozen deaths in a savage gangland feud that claimed many other lives also.

The feud was over control of the lucrative Dublin drug market. Dunne was out on bail facing charges of conspiracy to rob $1.5 million from an armored car outside a Kildare supermarket.

The gunman was wearing dark clothing, and had a hoodie pulled over his face. Police said it looked like a 'contract hit.’

He arrived in a silver car with three other men and pulled up outside the pub. He and his accomplice walked to the car after the shooting and drove off.
Dunne was regarded by senior police as a psychopath and had recently set up a lucrative sideline buying out drug debts from other traffickers and then using his heavies to intimidate the targets into paying them, plus his commission.