Not all Irish men are full of charm! Think your fella is the most unromantic in the whole of Ireland? Check out the top 10 most unromantic men in Ireland below!

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation is conducting their second annual Ireland’s Most Unromantic Man Competition to mark their decade anniversary of existing in Ireland. The winner will receive a week long trip for two to the luxurious Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort Hotel situated on the outskirts of Limassol, Cyprus.

Three runners-up will win other romantic getaways in Ireland.

The judging panel for the hilarious contest consists of four women, plus representatives from Irish men's website

The competition has been whittled down to twenty finalists now, all with their own unfortunate tales of non-romantic habits and quirks. Head over to and get voting!

1. Francis Grogan, Meath

At time of publication, Francis Grogan from Meath was taking a steady lead in the pool, and I'm obviously putting him number one in my book as well!

“Francis is practical, buying presents like hoovers and sewing kits, but the day he glued an old Valentine's card his ex gave him to a folded A4 paper, to present to his new girlfriend, takes the unromantic biscuit.”

2. Damian Wallace, Dublin

Damian was so cheap that he refused to give his girlfriend chocolates on Valentine’s Day but turned up the following day, February 15th, with cut price Valentine’s chocolates.

3. Cian Cunningham, Dublin

Cian is unromantic and hassled. Forgetting occassions the last 3 years, including Valentine's, he finally made an effort for his girlfriend's birthday - and bought her craft blades and a screwdriver. He thought it was something all girls need!

4. Dwain Casey, Clonee

Newlywed Dwain hasn't a romantic musical bone in his body. It was his wife's birthday during their honeymoon, but he still didn't get her a card! And he loves music so much more than her that he even went clubbing solo on Valentine's Day!

5. Ian Bevan, Dublin

Ian is so unromantic that he wouldn't drive his wife to the hospital. He made her get out of the car, despite having a broken ankle, and catch a bus simply because he forgot his phone at home! Tut, tut

6. Robert Power, Dublin

Robert is a truck driver and his idea of romance is a Budweiser, a packet of crisps, and a comfy bed in the truck cabin on a night boat to England (for him) his long-suffering partner sleeps on the chair.

7. Ronan Hughes, Sligo

Unromantic Ronan has a selective memory - he remembered the dog's birthday, but not his wife's! Oh, Ronan, will you ever learn?

8. David Russell, Cork

David is the serial unromantic. He replies 'blah' to 'I love you'. He buys a box of chocolates but replaces them with healthy snacks, dreams of multiple wives, and he can't wait for the day his daughter turns 19 so he can date her friends.

9. Andrew Faulkner, Dublin

Andrew loves Freebies! He printed off a Tesco Value range Valentine's card for his girlfriend as a thank you for dinner, and borrows her clothes.

10. Alan Cooe, Dublin

Alan is so unromantic that he thinks it's okay to get his wife jewelry from a pet shop. Yup. She received a silver disc engraved with her name on the front and 'microchipped and spayed' on the back!

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