This year’s competition to find Ireland’s most unromantic man is up and running but we’re not sure that this year’s winner will be able to out-do last year’s entrants.

One of the most shockingly unromantic men from last year’s contest was shortlisted  Eugene Shephard from County Kilkenny who gave his wife a grave plot as a Christmas present.

Each year the winner of the wins a one week trip to Cyprus home of the godess of love Aphrodite. On a positive note, one of the conditions of the prize is that the long suffering partners of the men must get to go on vacation as well.

Shephard defended his morbid gift as a "Christmas gift that lasts forever is... a grave.”  He was nominated by his wife Bernie Shephard.

Another man who made it to the short list is Michael Kidd, 24, from Dublin City, who has vowed “never to buy his fiancée a card or flowers — not even for her funeral,” according to reports in the Irish Examiner. He was nominated by his fiancée Karen Alves.

Jana Langova nominated her boyfriend, 25-year-old Anthony Doyle, after he forgot her birthday for the second year in a row and bought her a car battery for Christmas.

Another Casanova worthy of nomination was Niall Dillion, 30, from Co. Westmeath, who likes to take his wife to the cattle mart for a sausage sandwich as a Valentine’s Day treat. Dillion was also nominated by his wife Christa.

It’s hard to see how people can be less romantic than this bunch but it will remain to be seen as the results are revealed.

Do you have an unromantic man in your life? Share your stories with us below.

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