The most expensive house in Ireland has decreased in value by €43 million since it was purchased during the height of the boom in 2005.

The house was bought for €58 million ($78 million) in 2005 and is now being sold for €15 million ($20 million).

Walford, an Edwardian style mansion built in 1902, is located on the esteemed Shrewsbury Road in the affluent superb of Dublin 4.  The property has 1.8 acres of land attached.

The interior of the redbrick mansion requires extensive renovation and refurbishment. The entrance hall has been stripped of its black-and-white linoleum to reveal grey concrete floors.

All rooms have bare wooden floors and stripped walls. The original 18th century marble fireplaces were stolen some years ago, as the house has been unoccupied for the past six years.
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There is a large rear garden were planning permission had been granted for two detached houses, the permission has since expired.

The identity of the current owner remains undisclosed but it is rumored to be developer Sean Dunne.It will go on sale by tender on October 27th.

To view the Irish Times video report on Walford click here.