Wealthy Irish emigrants who found their fortunes after leaving the nation's stagnant economy have recently been tied to a boost in the sales of Irish art, reports the Independent

These expats, who left the country to seek a more promising future, are spending the big bucks to buy up cultural art from their homeland. 

Ian Whyte of Whyte's auctioneers in Dublin says that these young, wealthy crowd of emigrants are spending up to 100,000 euro to take a piece of art to their new homes abroad. 

"They are spending anything from 5,000 euro right up to 100,000 euro to have a little bit of their Irish culture on their walls. I think they're very proud of where they came from and they want to show that off.

"An Irish-American bought a William Bartlett painting of Aran Islanders several weeks ago that was expected to go for 10,000 but ended up going for over 75,000(~$100,000)"

He speaks specifically to the fact that many of these art aficionados are now living in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and China with good-paying jobs in professional areas. 

"They want something which is going to keep them connected to Ireland."

Generally, the buyers are mostly welathy young professionals in their 30s and 40s. These younger buyers are picking up "contemporary art and paintings that would remind them of home," while the older buyers are in the market for "the old masters- the likes of Yeats and Walter Osbourne and Sir John Lavery."