Baby history is made: Ireland’s first set of sextuplets was brought into the world this morning.

A woman from Northern Ireland gave birth to her six babies via caesarean section at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Four girls and two boys were conceived naturally without the aid of in-vitro fertilization.

Members from the medical team at the hospital stated at a press conference that the babies were 14 weeks premature.

The tiny babies weighted between 1 pound 7 ounces and 2 pounds 2 ounces, and are being treated in intensive care.

The newborn sextuplets have brought great joy to their family and country, but doctors point out that this is a difficult time for the infants, who are at a critical stage.

The medical team had been preparing for the historic delivery for weeks. Doctors didn’t release many more details in order to protect the family’s privacy, but the proud parents are both said to be doing well.

The Irish sextuplets are the first recorded set of six babies in all of Ireland. Before today, the largest multiple birth in Northern Ireland was quintuplets born in 2001.