Over the past few months media organizations throughout the world have been focused on Ireland's economic woes. Recent weeks witnessed a media circus from cities around the world descend on Dublin city to cover the EU/ IMF bail out.

As commentators continue to scrutinize the Irish's governments handling of recent affairs, Taiwanese animators, Next Media Animation (NMA), have created an interesting insight into the rise and fall of Ireland.

NMA describes itself as the largest full-service 3D animation studio in Asia. According to their website they “provide animation-to-order to some of the biggest entertainment and news providers around the world”.

Their short, two-minute film charts the development of the country, right from the famine, through to the Celtic Tiger years, even detailing tax incentives offered to foreign companies.

It shows Brian Cowen sitting at a desk drinking Guinness before being visited by a Leprechaun with an empty pot, asking the Prime Minister for money.

It even makes reference to the recent free cheese program introduced by the Minister for Agriculture, which faced strong criticism.

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