Mom’s Pageant Shock

The mother of a six-year-old from Clogherhead who took part in a controversial child beauty pageant last month said it was an experience she would never repeat.

Aisling Logue was shocked to see children as young as her daughter Kori-Lee posing in bikinis and wearing dresses costing €1,500.

But her own little girl became queen of her own age group without wearing any of the fake tan or swimsuits some of the foreign competitors donned.

“I was thrilled for her to have won her sash and crown without having to look like some of the more serious girls from Australia and America,” Logue said.

“We just entered as a beauty contest and never thought it would be half as glitzy as it was.  Kori-Lee was very natural looking and did Irish dancing as her skill, but when I saw a girl in her group come out covered in a shawl, she dropped it and began posing in a bikini with fake tan on. I was really shocked and surprised, I have to say.”

Logue only found out in the early hours of Saturday morning where to bring Kori-Lee, as a Balbriggan hotel had cancelled the booking for the pageant for fear of demonstrations.

After traveling to Monaghan for the competition, Logue said she was amazed at some of the things she saw.

“I know Kori-Lee enjoyed the whole experience, but she wasn't aware of what was going on, she just wanted to wear the tiara and meet some of the other girls,” she said.

“I really do think it makes the girls old before their time, and children should just be children  I would never want her to look like the other contestants, walking or posing like they were.”
- Drogheda Independent

Hammer Attack

A Longford man is recovering after a brutal hammer attack left him with a string of serious injuries.

The 30-year-old victim was savagely assaulted as he awoke to the sound of smashing glass at his apartment in the Courtyard area of Newtownforbes late last month.

It’s understood the man was asleep on a sofa when the hammer-wielding intruder burst through a patio door.  As he attempted to protect himself the culprit struck his victim repeatedly, inflicting several wounds to the man’s face, legs, ribs and knees.

He was later transferred to the accident and emergency unit of Mullingar’s Midland Regional Hospital for what were described as non-life threatening injuries.

What Gardai (police) are trying to figure out is why the armed intruder chose the Courtyard, a complex of apartments that lie just off the main N4 Dublin-Sligo route in Newtownforbes village.

Equally, many of their inquiries are focused on establishing a motive as nothing was taken in the raid which lasted a matter of seconds.

The viciousness of last Friday night’s assault is likely to fuel debate about the need for people to take added precautions when it comes to home security.

It also follows concerns aired by one local who hit out at crime levels in and around Longford town.
John Nevin bemoaned how his own daughter and son-in-law have twice fallen foul to what he termed “unprovoked assaults” over the past six months alone.

“These two young, fun loving people, who never had or are likely to have any dealings with the law have been attacked for absolutely no reason,” he points out.

“They have returned to our house in the early hours traumatized because of the actions of some very feral people. The only thing they did was to go out and enjoy themselves in ‘our town.”
- Longford Leader

Homeless Prisoner

A district court in Portlaoise last week endeavored to help find accommodation for a Laois man with no fixed abode who was charged with thefts.

Luke O’Grady was sentenced to eight months in prison with the last four suspended, for two counts of theft, two counts of getting into a vehicle without authority and one charge of entering a building with intent to commit a crime, on September 8. He was also charged with obstruction at a shopping center in Portlaoise on August 15.

O’Grady’s solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick said that her client was in custody with consent to bail, but he could not get an address to reside at.  Fitzpatrick said that her office had spoken to a number of O’Grady’s acquaintances in an attempt to secure a place.

She told Judge Catherine Staines that O’Grady is no longer welcome at his family home. This was confirmed by Inspector Aidan Farrelly.

Fitzpatrick said that her client had addiction issues. O’Grady himself added that he had been off heroin and on methadone for two months.

Staines told Fitzpatrick to contact the Simon Community, who the judge said had received a lot of money from the district court through charitable donations, and ask them to secure accommodation for O’Grady.

“Someone should not be in prison simply because they’re homeless,” said Staines.

After inquiries were made, Fitzpatrick informed the judge that the Simon Community does not provide emergency accommodation. She also said that O’Grady would have to be interviewed for suitability with rental companies.

O’Grady was held in custody overnight.  Fitzpatrick said O’Grady would be accepted at Coote Street, but there would be no doctor on duty if O’Grady were bailed that day.

O’Grady was sentenced to eight months, with the last four suspended on condition he remain under the supervision of the probation service for two years. He must have an address before release.
- Leinster Express

Total Smoke Ban

All hospitals and Health Service Executive (HSE) facilities in Cavan and Monaghan are to become entirely smoking free zone from next month.

The HSE is branding their facilities “Tobacco Free Campuses” from November 1, including Cavan General Hospital and Monaghan Hospital, with the result that smoking will not be permitted anywhere on these campuses from this date, including doorways, entrances, walkways, roads and carparks.

The policy, which will apply to all staff, patients, visitors and external contractors aims ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for all and better health outcomes for patients and staff.
“Stopping smoking is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their health, at any age," said Dr. James Hayes, clinical director at Cavan General.

"As a hospital group we continue to have a need to focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, and therefore it is sensible that we now extend our no smoking policy in the hospitals to include the hospital campuses.”

A free smoking cessation service is available at Cavan General and Monaghan Hospital which can provide support to patients, staff and visitors.
- The Anglo-Celt