Egging the Taoiseach
A 22-YEAR-old Castlebar student has been given a formal reprimand by authorities at University College Dublin after being involved in the throwing of eggs at fellow Castlebar man, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny, last November.

Aidan Rowe was one of three UCD students who appeared at a disciplinary hearing at the university after the egg-throwing event. Enda Kenny’s home in Castlebar is only three miles away from where Rowe is from.

Rowe, together with fellow students Suzanne Lee, 23, and Ben McCormack, 24, remained defiant after what Lee described as a “legitimate protest.”

They faced potential expulsion for their actions but were instead given a formal reprimand and a fine, which was suspended.  Rowe said he would gladly egg Kenny again if it weren’t for the suspended fine, and said the protest was a fully deserved one.

They failed to hit Kenny with any eggs but did his UCD vice president for students Martin Butler by mistake. The trio agreed to write an apology to Butler but refused to apologize for the protest or attempting to hit the taoiseach.

Mayo News

Rampant Prostitution
UP to eight women a day are being advertised for prostitution online every day in Donegal, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Local TDs (members of Parliament) and senators are being called upon to help to speed up a review of the laws on prostitution following the revelation.

The call by members of the ICA, Macra Na Feirme, many trade unions, Chambers Ireland and the Immigrant Council of Ireland comes as hearings by the Dail (Parliament) Justice Committee on the issue come to an end.

Denise Charlton, chief executive of the Immigrant Council said, “After years of campaigning and several months of Dail hearings the truth is now plain for everyone to see. Irish and foreign criminal gangs are using prostitution as a low risk, high profit crime to line their pockets in Donegal and across the country.

“Thousands of people, including emergency workers, medical staff, farmers, business people and many more from Donegal and across the north west, have supported us not just through their representative bodies but as individuals.

“It is important to note that while our politicians have been debating this issue, the criminals have continued their evil trade. According to Gardai (police), 800 women are placed for sale on the net in Ireland every day, and a recent check showed eight women for sale in Donegal on one day.

“In addition, while we have been debating 29 children have been sex-trafficked into Ireland. It is clear the criminals will stop at nothing to line their pockets. 

“We encourage people in Donegal to add their voices to our call for action by going to the website and add their voice to our efforts.”

Donegal Democrat

Dirty Doggies

BALLYMONEY'S environmental warden has called upon the public to name and shame the antisocial dog owners who allow their dogs to foul on the public street without having the decency to pick it up.

Karen Mitchell made her call after one disgusted Trinity Drive resident contacted her to complain about the “13 blobs of dog poo” she encountered walking to work in the town center from her home. 

"Every morning it seems to be getting worse.  It's ridiculous trying to zig-zag up the footpath,” the resident said.

Commenting on the minority of irresponsible dog owners, the resident said, "They are disgusting. It's not the dog’s fault, it's the owners. I think they should put cameras up around the town and catch them and make them go and lift it!"

When this resident made Mitchell aware of the situation, workers had to be sent out to clean up the mess.  Mitchell reports that in January and February there was an increase in the number of complaints the council received.

"I would like to warn offenders that CCTV may very well be on the route you walk your dog in the coming days, weeks and months. When you are caught you will be able to tell the resident magistrate in the courthouse why you find it necessary to leave your dogs mess behind for others to clean,” Mitchell said.
The Ballymoney Chronicle

Wild Dog
A FIVE-year-old boy was saved from possible death after two brave Sligo students pulled him from the clutches of an attacking dog.

The boy was taken to nearby Sligo Regional Hospital suffering from head injuries after being attacked by the large Japanese Akita while on his way to St. Edward’s NS on a recent morning.

Two IT Sligo students who were walking nearby rushed to save the young boy. One of them kicked the dog away while the other pulled the injured boy to safety.

The dog ran a little way over Clarion Road towards IT Sligo. There he jumped up on the back of a girl student from the college. Again another student fought off the angry animal.

By this time Gardai had been called and four officers were quickly at the scene.
One of them made an emergency call to Sligo dog warden Anthony McDaniel who arrived within 10 minutes.

He said that when he got there the injured boy had been taken to hospital and the girl student was in a distressed state. The dog was still loose on Clarion Road between IT Sligo and Ballinode College.

Carrying his dog pole snatcher, McDaniel made his way towards the animal. “He ran straight towards me and lunged at me.
I managed to get him into the snatcher as he jumped towards me,” he said.

McDaniel said the dog was so strong he had difficulty getting him into his van. 
He praised the courage of the students who fought off the dog as he attacked the young boy and the girl. 

The gardai identified the dog’s owner.
 “The owner surrendered the dog to us and I took him to a vet who put him to sleep.
It was a very traumatic morning,” McDaniel said.

Sligo Weekender

Scary Racial Attacks
TERRIFIED refugees are afraid to leave their temporary accommodation in Finglas because of a spate of racially motivated attacks, which has left one of them hospitalized.

Vulnerable immigrants staying in the Balseskin Reception Center on St. Margaret’s Road have been targeted four times in the last six weeks.

In each terrifying incident, it is believed the same gang of young men have hurled missiles, including metal and blocks, from a speeding car at immigrants walking from a nearby bus stop to the center.

The hunt is on to find the despicable culprits who have tormented the refugees to the extent that they afraid to leave the building.

The Balseskin hostel houses newly arrived asylum seekers while their applications are being processed and long-term accommodation centers are identified. It has operated as an asylum reception center since December, 2001.

According to a spokesperson for the Irish Refugee Council (IRC), the attacks have been very upsetting to the immigrants.

“It’s very sad and quite shocking that these vulnerable refugees are being targeted and attacked in this way,” the spokesperson said.

“They are scared but are reluctant to talk because there is a sense of fear that their applications might be affected if they speak out or complain in any way.

“It seems to be the same car and the same people who have been involved in each incident so far.”

The brutal attacks began in January and the most recent incidents occurred in the daylight hours of Friday, February 8. The following day one person was hospitalized and another refugee was hit on the back of his head by a missile believed to be a block or a piece of metal.

Community gardai in Finglas last week held a clinic in the Balseskin center to speak with residents. And flyers seeking information about the attacks have been displayed on the Balseskin bus stop and around the centre. 

Dublin People