The so-called Beast from the East is slinking into the shadows, but there's now a Pest from the West on the horizon - and UK forecasters are predicting it's a wild one. 

One might think that Ireland is over the worst of it - having been essentially shut down by the simultaneous influx of Storm Emma and the Beast from the East. Yet it seems that the country should not breathe a sigh of relief just yet. 

Leading weather experts have claimed that a new threat, the Pest from the West is imminent. UK and Irish based forecasters have said that both countries will be subjected to "miserable" weather conditions as yet another storm sweeps across the Atlantic.  

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So, what can Ireland expect with the Pest from the West?

Forecasters have predicted heavy rainfall at least, and high winds from 60kmph to 100kmph.

Snow, luckily, is unlikely. Although the chances of high winds and low temperatures in Northern regions could result in some snowfall.
The so-called Pest will reportedly arrive on Friday. 

An increased risk of flooding - due to 5 to 10mm of rainfall over the weekend.

People in Ireland should be advised to play close attention to this week's weather forecasts.
Met Eireann has thus far not released any official weather warnings - with a lot of them coming from UK watchdogs.
Here is what Met Eireann's website forecasts for the weekend ahead:
"Saturday: It looks like rain will move up from the south in milder air. However, it may stay cold in the west and north with sleet or snow for a time, but nothing comparable to the recent episode. 

Sunday: Still some rain and sleet and possibly quite cold, but details are uncertain."

Pest from the West sounds like me on a night out 👀

— Jennifer McGee (@JenniferMMcGee) March 6, 2018

So apparently there’s a ‘pest from the west’ on the way... 😂😂 🧐🤔🤔 na not again haha

— Callum Beattie (@callumbeattieuk) March 6, 2018

Just heard that the "Pest from the West" is due to bring more snow on the weekend. Please don't be a muppet and panic buy on this one! 😩

— Sarah 🌻 (@minijaffa13) March 5, 2018

Ahhh here..."the pest from the west" is about to hit us now

— trevor callan (@trevor_callan) March 6, 2018