Ireland should arrest Donald Trump for hate crimes when he gets there in late June said controversial left wing filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore is in Ireland promoting his latest film “Where To Invade Next”and made the comments in an interview with the Irish Independent newspaper.

Moore stated "I do think you ought to send officials to meet him - such as your Attorney General," said Oscar winner Moore. 

"I believe Ireland has strong laws regarding hate crimes. Do you let people into your country that propose racism as public policy?"

Moore says Americans tragically underestimated Trump’s ability to read what was in the hearts and minds of many Americans.

"I was one of the first to say he would win the Republican nomination," nods Moore. "People laughed at me. But I insisted: this guy is manipulating the ignorant and it's easy to fool the ignorant. He doesn't believe half of what he says - and it doesn't matter. With Trump, you never know what he believes and what he doesn't."

Moore will be in Dublin on Monday to promote his latest documentary 'Where To Invade Next.’ The Flint, Michigan native says coming back to his Irish roots means a great deal to him. As a proud Irish-American, going back to Ireland means a lot.

"My Irish heritage influences not just my work but my whole life. It has everything to do with how I was raised, what I believe. I know the stories from my grandparents who came to America about 'No Irish need apply.’ I was raised with this attitude of standing up for the little guy."

Ireland doesn't feature in 'Where To Invade Next,’ because "We didn't go to Ireland because I'm Irish-American," said Moore (62). "I didn't want people to think I was taking the easy way out. People already know what I feel about Ireland."

He says new British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn mirrors Bernie Sanders and his socialist message."I love how Corbyn parallels what has happened with Bernie Sanders and other democratic socialists. In the United States of all places, Sanders has 46pc of pledged delegates [for the Democratic Party nomination]. A socialist - in America. It is astonishing."

He is no fan of Hillary Clinton. "She's a hawk. We are well aware she is to the right of Obama. The chance of there being a war? We are concerned about these things. Her vote for the Iraq war is something we swore we would never forget. That's why we need Bernie's strong voice."

Moore’s own wealth was measured at $50 million in 2013 when he divorced his wife Kathleen Glynn making him part of the one percent super rich Americans he loves to criticize.

In Ireland, he will speak to the Irish Film and Television Academy and show his film at the Irish Film Institute.