Irish voters will approve the European Fiscal Treaty referendum according to two opinion polls issued on Sunday.

The Sunday Business Post and the Sunday Independent both report that voters will approve the new policy on budgetary controls to be imposed in line with the recent EU-IMF bail-out.

A Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post, carried out between Monday and Wednesday, found that 44 per cent polled say they will vote yes, an increase of four points since last month.

In the SBP poll, 29 per cent said that they will vote no, a fall of seven points and 26 per cent said that they ‘do not know’, an increase of two points.

For the Sunday Independent, Millward Brown Lansdowne polled on Tuesday and Wednesday and found 37 per cent in favour, 26 per cent opposed and 15 per cent who do not know.

Voters who have made up their minds in the Sunday Independent poll suggests 59 per cent are in favour and 41 per cent are against.

In the Sunday Business Post poll, party support figures suggest that Fine Gael maintain support at 30 per cent and their coalition partners Labor are up two points to 16 per cent.

Sinn Fein are now the second most popular party in the country at 18 per cent, one ahead of Fianna Fail and two ahead of Labor.

Independents and Others are down two points to 19 per cent.

The Sunday Independent newspaper reports that almost a quarter of voters have indicated that their vote is conditional and that they want Ireland’s bailout term renegotiated before they say yes.

Enda Kenny