A ceremony took place at Sheeps Head in Cork this morning to mark the 25th anniversary of the bombing of Air India flight 182 which claimed the lives of 329 people.

Air India flight 182 was en route from Montreal to Delhi and was flying along Ireland's coast when a bomb ripped through the plane, killing all onboard.

The majority of the victims were Canadian citizens of Indian descent.

The remembrance ceremony was attended by Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin, Canadian Minister for Immigration Jason Kenney and INdian Minister of State Salman Khursheed.

"Each year, Ireland and the community here in Ahakista gladly open their arms to welcome the families and friends of the victims after their long journey to this hallowed ground, close to where so many perished," said Martin.

 "We are honoured by your friendship and offer whatever comfort and solace we can in your time of great sorrow. You will always be welcome here.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to apologise to the families of the victims at a remembrance ceremony in Toronto today.

A recent report found that the flight was the victim of a terrorist bombing. The report revealed that the Canadian authorities could have done more to prevent the disaster.

Former Canadian supreme court justice John Major said that families of the victims should be compensated.

"The level of error, incompetence and inattention which took place before the flight was sadly mirrored in many ways for many years, in how authorities, governments and institutions dealt with the aftermath of the murder of so many innocents,” said Major.

The attack was blamed on Sikh militants that sought revenge after a deadly raid by the Indian army on their holy site, the Golden Temple in Amristar.