Ireland plans to attract an extra 230,000 tourists next year with an aggressive new strategy marketing Ireland as a value destination.

Tourism Ireland hopes to attract some 7.85 million tourists in 2010 as part of its plan to restore overseas tourism to growth.

Chief Executive Niall Gibbons says the agency will promote value as a key reason for people to choose Ireland for their vacation.

And he said they would be highlighting the "uniqueness" of an Irish vacation. "The diversity of our culture and heritage and the friendliness of our people," he said.

In 2009, some 7.6 million people visited Ireland generating approximately €3.7 billion.

Ireland's location is proving a plus in one of its biggest markets; Britain. Ireland ranks fifth out of 50 places in Britain, ahead of destinations like the US and New Zealand.

Tourism Ireland has already launched a "value in Ireland" brochure in Britain and aims to be the first tourist baord in Britain to launch its money-saving campaign.