Two year old Ireland Nugent, who lost her feet in a lawn mower accident, took her first steps on her new prosthetic legs on Monday, June 17, 2013.

The small baby steps she took while holding hands with her mother Nicole and 11 year old sister Italia were a huge step in her recovery just nine weeks after the accident. Ireland lost her feet and ankles when her father accidently ran her over with a lawn mower outside the family home in Palm Harbor.

Her mother told the Tampa Times about her daughter’s first steps, “It just kinda brought me back a little bit before the accident, and it’s like as normal as we’re going to get.” She added, “And it’s just so nice, it’s just so over emotional now.”

Prosthetist Stan Patterson encouraged her saying, “You’re doing so good! Perfect step, perfect step.”

The prosthetic legs she used were temporary and she will get permanent ones soon. She underwent seven surgeries following the accident and left the hospital last month. She may need to have more surgeries in the future. Ireland will have to be fitted for new prosthetics as she grows older.

The temporary prosthetics are working well. The toddler showed off the stickers she had put on her prosthetics to her friends. Ireland’s mother said, “She gets around great” and went on, “So I think to us as adults and as her parents, we know how important it is and want this so badly for her. I think for her, it’s just another day.”

Ireland Nugent, 2, walks on her prosthetic legs while holding on to her mother, Nicole's, and sister, Italia Nesbitt, 11, right, hands at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in OrlandoAlamy