Despite stereotypes, the Irish are not the world’s biggest boozers not by a long shot.

According to data just compiled by the World Health Organization, Ireland did not make the list of top twenty drinking countries, although it did come close at number 21 on the list for most alcohol consumption, just behind France and Australia.

The 2014 Global status report on alcohol and health has Belarus at number one with 17.5 liters of alcohol consumed per capita, for population ages 15 years or over in 2010. 

Moldova followed at the number two spot at 16.8 liters of alcohol consumed. In comparison, the Irish drank 11.9 liters, while Americans, 48 on the list, drank 9.2 liters.

People in Norway (7.7), Japan (7.2), China(6.7), and India (4.3) are among those who drink in moderation, reports the Wall Street Journal

At the very bottom of the list in alcohol consumption are Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan , all at only 0.1 liters.