An Irish government-sponsored report has revealed that Irish medical professional and teacher salaries are among some of the highest in the world. The report was focused on the costs of doing business in Ireland by the National Competitiveness Council.

Irish elementary school teachers are among the highest paid in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The report also found that health specialists in Ireland, on average, earn $225,000.

The report cleared stated “Irish health specialists receive the highest average salary of the group for which data is available.”

Findings for the salaries for nurses are similar. Irish nurses earn more than their counterparts except for those in Luxembourg, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Doctors in Ireland earn four times as much as their counterparts in Greece and Portugal and twice as much as those in Germany, Finland and Norway.

The troubled Irish Health Service Executive spends most of its annual budget on these high salaries and less on medical supplies or equipment.

Elementary school teachers in Ireland are also paid 15 percent above the average of the 24 countries in the OECD.  Teachers with 15 years experience or more are paid the second highest, second to Luxembourg.