Just ask a New Yorker, when hipsters start arriving on your street money follows soon after.

That's a formula that Tourism Ireland, flush from the success of The Gathering, hope to perfect in Ireland next year.

According to The Daily Edge the Irish tourist organization has drawn up elaborate plans to target hipsters across Great Britain to entice them to visit the emerald isle.

Hipsters, like the gays, are known as the ultimate 'social energisers,' that's why Tourism Ireland has teamed up with Isle of Wight festival Bestival (a hipster magnet) that takes place this weekend, as well as the UK alternative national radio station XFM.

The plan is to present Ireland as an 'exciting, vibrant and cool destination.'

To get the message out Tourism Ireland plan to entice the trust fund skinny jeans types attending the festival to come and try an 'immersive theatre' experience that will give them a little foretaste of the actual country, providing a short simulated tour through Dublin and Belfast.

'Stepping aboard a 'Shenanigans Airways' flight, they’ll be dressed in rugby gear and allowed to practice their Irish accents before finishing up with a big, lively Irish party.'

The idea is that the latest narrowly targeted demographic lure will resonate strongly with tourism reps.

XFM will reportedly be broadcasting some of the performances on their breakfast show as well as broadcasting live from locations in Dublin and Belfast to talk listeners through the 'gas craic.'

Vanessa Markey, Tourism Ireland’s British head said: 'By transporting festival-goers to Dublin and Belfast through our immersive theatre experience, we’re hoping to show them that Ireland is a unique and different destination – and inspire them to begin planning a city break in Ireland very soon.'


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