Ireland may be weathering an economic crisis but the figures issued by Bloomberg and Boston Consulting this week have painted a rosier picture for some there.

According to, Ireland has actually placed fourteenth in the global list of countries with the most millionaires per capita.

Ireland's ranking of rich people was the highest for any European country except Belgium, which had the twelfth place, and was closely followed by The Netherlands at fifteenth place.

According to the latest data, 2.2 per cent of Irish households now rank as 'millionaire households' and this, 'despite the economic carnage and an unemployment rate that remains above 14 percent' according to the new survey.

The country now has about 33,000 millionaire households.

Meanwhile, the USA, also weathering a major recession, came in seventh place with 4.3 per cent of households classed as 'millionaire.' Singapore topped the millionaire poll with 17.1 per cent.