Ireland froze like a popsicle in January with the coldest month for 45 years in Dublin and the coldest January for 25 years across the entire country.

The first 10 days were the worst with the daily averages with daytime sub-zero temperatures in many areas.

Brrrr. The lowest air temperature was -12.4 degrees (10.4F) recorded at Casement Aerodrome, Dublin.

Snow fell nearly every day for the first two weeks so much so that both Knock and Dublin Airports experienced sporadic closures.

The bad weather made people virtual prisoners in their homes as the country ran out of rock salt to grit the roads.

And about the only people who were happy were the nation's schoolchildren who got repeated snow days as the country struggled to cope with the snow.

Dublin wits have been asking when global warming will be coming their way!

Some Irish were marooned in their homes as ice gripped Ireland last year