Ireland is finally getting some sunny weather --- despite the fact that October is quickly approaching.

A balmy 75 degrees  is predicted for some areas of the Emerald Isle next week. That's 20 degrees  above normal for this time of year, reports the Irish Examiner.

The sunny weather comes after the country has endured the coldest summer since 1986 in some parts. Forecasters are calling the late warm weather an Indian summer, even though the term is traditionally used to describe a sustained period of above-average temperatures through October or November.



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"People shouldn’t pack away their barbecues just yet as there is a burst of warmth to see out September and bring in October. Ireland will see some decent weather, with pleasant sunshine and temperatures," said Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster Jonathan Powell.

The predicted high of 75 degreess in inland areas of the south and east will nearly match the hottest day in Ireland this year, when Oak Park, Co Carlow hit 78 degrees  on June 3. The normal maximum temperature for September is 55 degrees , going down to 50 degrees in October.

"Warm, humid and breezy days are expected from midweek, with a good deal of bright weather and sunny spells, although some rain and drizzle is also likely, mainly in the west and heavy at times," said a Met Éireann forecaster.