Just as the slide in the reduction of Ireland’s GDP stalled, suggesting the slightest glimmer of hope for the Irish economy,  the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) has said that it is advising its members to prepare for industrial action.

The National Executive Council of the Union has declared "Enough is Enough." In a statement released on Saturday, the Union said the following:|

“Earlier this year, our members voted in favor of industrial action and strike action to persuade the Government and the employers to comply with existing agreements or otherwise negotiate acceptable alternatives. It is now obvious, as far the Government is concerned at least, that they have no interest in doing either. Therefore, despite all our efforts, the gigantic confrontation which we have endeavoured so hard to avoid, seems inevitable.”

The Union postoned plans for action while they entered negotiations with the Irish Government, which ended in June. The Union feels that the working man is going to pay for the the economy falling apart and that the Government has not taken any course of action to properly remedy the situation. Consequently they now plan to resume their plans to strike against pay cuts.

"Last Wednesday’s decision of the Executive of Congress to re-launch the campaign is long overdue. A Special meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday next, 30th September, to finalize plans. While the campaign will obviously entail multifaceted activities, it is now clear there is no prospect of success unless we are prepared to engage in industrial action and strike action," continues the statement.