James O’Keefe, a notorious prankster who tries to catch out government employees wasting taxpayer money, has revealed his latest sting which involved dressing up as an IRA gunman and seeking welfare for twenty five fellow gunmen.

O’Keefe is a rock ribbed Republican out to expose government waste.  He gained fame and notoriety by getting public assistance while dressed as a pimp and accompanied by fake prostitutes in one of his recent stings.

In his latest scam he dressed up in a kilt and passed himself off as an IRA gunman who had brought 25 injured gunmen to America to recover from their wounds.  He claimed the men had been injured in a recent gunfight.

He then walked into several public assistance offices in North and South Carolina and asked for Medicaid for his terrorist friends.

In Charleston, South Carolina he was given the forms to fill out and told to come back later.  In another office he was offered assistance to fill out the forms.

The woman he met in Charleston promised not to divulge any of the activities of the men who were shot. She stated that he had a reasonable chance of getting coverage for them.

When O’Keefe asked her to keep news of his terrorist friends secret she said, "It is federal law, and they do threaten high fines -- which they don't pay me as much per year as they threaten to fine me -- so it is definitely not in my own best interest to divulge anything to anyone because I cannot afford it. I do not want to go to jail," she said.

Not one single person in any office he visited questioned whether he was who he said he was, or his outlandish story.



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O’Keefe is heard boasting about his “IRA activities” and the men who fought with him.

The woman in South Carolina explains that only U.S. citizens are eligible for Medicaid and says she's not promising the injured gunmen will qualify.

“The way it works with Medicaid is if you are just a visitor to the United States you can't qualify," she says. "If they're going to stay in the United States then we could potentially qualify them for emergency services to cover with their hospitalization." She also tells him that the hospital's charity program might be a better bet.

Throughout his conversation O’Keefe uses an exaggerated Irish brogue and dresses in a kilt to further the image of an IRA terrorist.

The entire video is below.