Rose Lynch (50), from Limerick, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of David Darcy and membership in an illegal IRA style group.

On Tuesday Lynch pleaded guilty to the crime of shooting Darcy (39), the father-of-two, as he sat in his van outside his home in Ballyfermot, Dublin. He was shot three times in the head and upper body.

Lynch was sentenced to five and ten years respectively, on Wednesday, for the gun and ammunition charges and eight years for membership of the Real IRA.

According to reports by the Daily Star, Lynch, the first female assassin in the history of Ireland’s State, had five other hits planned. The source said, “There were six people that there were plans to kill and she would have targeted them all if she had not been stopped.”

The Dublin court heard that Lynch had “executed” Darcy who had never been involved in any criminal activity and was "totally blameless" and "wholly innocent," according to RTE’s reports.

Darcy’s family were present in court on Tuesday but were too upset to speak to the press, however, Lynch’s father spoke to the Irish Sun saying he was “proud” of his daughter, a mother of three.

Joe Lynch, a leading member of the CIRA-linked Republican Sinn Fein, liken her to one of the Gibraltar bomb plotters killed by Britain’s SAS in 1988.

He said, “I am proud of her as I was the day she was born. Whatever she was asked to do she did it.

“She is coping well and is as iconic as IRA volunteer Mairead Farrell. My daughter was born into the republican movement.

“She was militant all her life and she was protecting her community.”

The assassin's daughter Ciara Bardon (23) said, “I am very proud of my mum and I love her — I will see her soon.”

As Lynch exited the court on Tuesday she raised a clenched fist and yelled “Mná na hÉireann, tiocfaidh ár lá” (“Women of Ireland, our day will come”). One of Darcy’s family shouted “scumbag” in response.

After a short police inquiry it was established that Darcy had no criminal connections and was innocent of any crime. A source told the Sun, “David may have known Nolan but there was no evidence to suggest he was a member of any crime gang or dissident group.

“This man had no convictions and there was no evidence of his involvement in crime or republican activity.

“This poor man was murdered in cold blood and his family have been left devastated.

“His only connection to any dissidents was having a few drinks with a man who lived in his area.”

Murdered David Darcy with his his son David Jnr and Rose Lynch who has been sentenced for his murder (inset)Irish Independent