London socialite Lady Antonia Fraser, who had a scandalous love affair with Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter, has told in her in her new book "Must You Go" about that love affair how Caroline Kennedy was almost killed by an IRA bomb in 1975.

Caroline Kennedy was staying in London at the home of the Frasers, Sir Hugh and Antonia, when the IRA placed a bomb under Fraser's car because of his outspoken comments on Northern Ireland.

If Fraser and Kennedy had sat in the car as they had intended the next day and started the engine they would have been immediately blown up.

Jackie Kennedy was an old acquaintance of Sir Hugh and probably an old girlfriend.

Instead the renowned cancer specialist, Gordon Hamilton Fairley accidentally detonated the bomb, killing himself after his dog dragged it from underneath the car while they were out walking. Over 10,000 people attended his funeral amid widespread revulsion over the killing.

The consequences of the IRA blowing up John F. Kenendy's daughter would have been incredible, and would have done massive damage to the organization if it had occurred. Years later, Teddy Kenendy, Caroline's uncle, played  a huge role in securing an IRA ceasefire when he was a key figure in getting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams a US visa.