Authorities in Michigan are currently on the hunt for Angela Holmes and her baby, Joycelyn, after Angela allegedly abducted baby Joycelyn from their home in Foxford, Ireland.

Holmes, a Michigan native, fled Ireland after accusing her husband Michael of being both “emotionally unstable” and “abusive.”

Local News 4 in Detroit reports on the still developing story in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Angela, her Irish husband Michael, and their daughter Joycelyn, were living in Foxford, Mayo until earlier this year when Angela fled for the US with the baby to escape from what she describes as an emotionally unstable husband.

Angela, with baby Joycelyn in her care, returned to the United States without her passport with special help from the embassy. Her now estranged husband Michael, who still has joint legal custody over Joycelyn, has since filed for a Hague Convention case, demanding that Angela and Joycelyn return to Ireland to settle the case.

Amy Stawski, Michael’s attorney, said, "We don't abduct children and use self-help when we want custody of one. We have the courts make a determination.”

Angela does accuse her husband Michael of being abusive and filed a 6 page report requesting a personal protection order against him in Michigan, despite Michael still living in Ireland. Local News 4 reports that Angela wrote in the personal protection request of a specific incident where she attempted to escape from an abusive Michael at a cabin in Michigan last year.

Said Angela, “I ran as fast as I could but he came after me and tackled me to the ground, injuring my neck and scuffing my face. I had no option to escape and screamed for help … he covered my mouth and wrested me back to the cabin.”

Michael’s attorney said that “he denies the allegations” and that “he’s very hurt.”

Despite filing for a voter registration card in Michigan, Angela still hasn’t been found. After attaining her attorney’s contact information, Local News 4 in Detroit says that there is no comment from her side at time of reporting.