Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly, from Cork, the couple recently broadcast the birth of their baby, Emilia Thomasina, on YouTube, have become victims of a vicious campaign of abuse.

Internet trolls went after the couple with vengeance after they posted a video of the birth online earlier this month. One commenter said they hoped their baby “would be stillborn.” Others said they hoped she had a miscarriage.

Jonathan said, “Some of the comments were horrible.

“We told our viewers in advance that we were going to film our daughter's birth. People said they were hoping we would have a miscarriage or that our baby would be stillborn.

“Emilia had to be induced so people were saying it was so pathetic that Anna couldn't push her baby out.

“One Irish TV show slated us last week saying it was “disgusting,”” he told “It's extremely hurtful but you have to grow a thick skin as the majority of our viewers love us.”

He added that the footage of the birth was discreet and there was nothing outrageous about it.
He said, “There is no blood or anything like that, it's all done discreetly.”

Since the birth video was posted it has received over 162,000 hits.

“The SacconeJolys”, the couples daily online reality show, has been running for two years and they have reportedly landed a contract with a US distribution network.

Here’s the birth video from “The SacconeJoly” channel: