A Spanish judge has issued an international arrest warrant for a man from Liverpool, U.K. who fled a resort having shot Dubliner John O’Neill in the stomach, killing him.

O’Neill had stepped in between two men having an altercation outside a bar called Coco’s in the resort of Benalmadena, in the Costa de Sol, Spain. The men were fighting over the use of a lavatory.

The 41-year-old father had been attending a friend's wedding in the resort with his girlfriend when he was caught in the middle of this altercation.

The police said that they found bloodstained clothing matching the descriptions given by witnesses at the lead suspect's home. The suspect fled the scene, with his wife, directly after the shooting.

Sources close to the suspect say that he is also wanted for kidnapping in the United Kingdom. If caught by the Spanish police, he will be charged with the murder of O’Neill and the attempted murder of the other customers in the bar.