Politicians on both sides of the Irish border have urged Cardinal Sean Brady to do the right thing and resign.

The Primate of All-Ireland is considering his position after damning new evidence of his involvement in the Fr Brendan Smyth child abuse cover-up came to light.

A BBC programme this week outlined how Cardinal Brady failed to alert the authorities after a 1975 investigation was warned that Smyth was abusing children.

Police believe over 30 more children were abused by the evil priest after the 1975 enquiry which Cardinal Brady was part of. There are estimates that Smyth molested 117 children in Ireland alone.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and his education minister Ruairi Quinn have both called on Brady to resign as has Deputy Leader Eamon Gilmore.

Quinn called specifically on Cardinal Brady to consider his position, with coalition sources saying the minister believes he should resign according to the Irish Independent.

“He pretty much said he thinks his position is untenable,” the source said.

Quinn said: “It is inappropriate for the Cardinal to continue as head of the Catholic church in Ireland.

“Cardinal Brady is the head of an organisation which is the patron of 92pc of the 3,200 primary schools but had failed spectacularly to protect children.”

Meanwhile Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has echoed their views.

Sinn Fein’s McGuinness said: “Speaking personally, I believe he should reflect on the wisdom of this position, which will leave many Catholics wondering whether anything is to be done by the leadership of the Catholic Church to ring the changes which many believe are required at such a sad time for all.”

Irish PM Kenny said: “Can I speak to you as Taoiseach and therefore head of government, but also as a practising Catholic and father of a young family?

“I like to think that the church that I’m a member of, that I can have pride in it and that it’s a church that I believe in and that those who participate in it want that to happen.

“We are putting our house in order and as I said yesterday, as Taoiseach (PM), there is a division between church and State, and the Cardinal should reflect on the outcome of that programme.”
Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has also stated that Cardinal should consider his position.