Insurance giant Aviva has announced 950 lay offs in Ireland from March 2012 . The insurance company has said it will consolidate its Irish and British operations in Britain.

They stated that 180 jobs will go from Aviva Europe which is based in Ireland with and there will be 770 redundancies from Aviva Ireland where  1,770 are employed.

The Irish operation will be joined with UK to form a new “UK and Ireland Region”.

Labor union UNITE, said that staff “are in a state of shock” and said “the idea that Ireland is to be subsumed as part of the UK operation is something which we will fight against.”

Aviva CEO Igal Mayer said: “The proposed changes to our regional operations will deliver a stronger,eaner business, at the heart of which is a firm focus on meeting our customers’ needs.”

“The process of this review has been unnecessarily hard on staff,” UNITE Regional Officer BrianGallagher said.

“Communication was poor and the key decisions were clearly taken on a multinational basis from London, without due consideration of the impact the uncertainty has had on the workforce and on the reputation of the business in Ireland.”


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