The consul general of Sudan’s wife was hit with a stray bullet in Queens, narrowly missing her three-year-old daughter and baby son in her arms.

New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Ray Kelly said Mawagad Elbahi (31) “came within an inch of her live” when a bullet tore through her shoulder. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon on 31st Drive, Astoria.

Elbahi, the wife of Mohamed Elbahi, a Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Sudan to the United Nations, was hit with the stray bullet, that narrowly missed her neck. She was waiting for her five-year-old son to be dropped off by the school bus.

Kelly explained that the gun fire was triggered by a dispute between two group who began “shooting carelessly and randomly”.

He said “She was clearly by-standing, and the dispute had nothing to do with her. Thank God she's in stable condition, but clearly she's a very lucky person."

Last week Kelly spoke out against the number of illegal guns on the streets of New York City.

He said “These are the guns that are turning our city into a shooting gallery. We had three cops shot last year. This year we’ve had eight shot already, and it’s only Easter.”

These comments followed an incident in Brooklyn where four NYPD officers were shot during a hostage situation. In this case the criminal who had illegally owned military grade weapons was shot by police.

The FBI has now reported that in the last year more police officers died in the line of duty than any year, since 9/11. In 2011 72 police officers lost their lives on duty.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray KellyReuters