American activists have mounted a campaign to force Irish showband The Indians to change their name – by urging promoters to boycott the act.

The US pressure group claims the band members, who have been on the road for over 40 years in Ireland, are an insult to Native Americans.

Now they have bombarded concert promoters, venues and hotels with emails urging them to ban the band in protest at their name and stage outfits.

The Indians dress up as Native Americans as part of their act with lead singer Eamon Keane performing as Sitting Bull.

Keane has told the Irish Independent that he is outraged at the attempts to force the band off the road and has vehemently denied any insult to Native Americans.

“All we ever get are positive comments about our show. This is PC gone mad. I don’t want to give this added publicity but it is madness,” said Keane.

“I have received a lot of emails from these people. I would be happy to meet them and explain to them that we are not trying to offend them.”

Donegal based promoter Peter McIntyre has received six emails from America asking him not to book The Indians but he is steadfast in his support of the group.

“I have been booking The Indians for 20 years and they have always been very popular,” said McIntyre.

“This certainly won’t stop me from booking them in future.”

The Indians ShowbandIan Gallagher