A conference in Dublin will call on Irish transport minister Leo Varadkar to support the mandatory use of so-called 'alco-locks' in all motor vehicles.

'Alco-locks' is the name given to a built-in car breathalyzer that instantly disables any vehicle if the driver fails to pass the test.

The drawback is that drivers would be forced to take the test every time they try to start a vehicle, but the potential good outweighs the inconvenience, supporters say.

'We want them fitted before something bad happens,' Paddy Matthews of Matthews Coach Hire told TheJournal.ie. Minister Varadkar has previously said he would consider ordering the devices for repeat motoring offenders.

The question is will the Irish public support them, and if so will the minister respond?

Irish cars could be fitted with an "alco lock" to put a halt to drink driversGoogle Images