The Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan attacked Ireland's main opposition party Fine Gael for claiming they could negotiate a better interest rate on the IMF bailout. Such claims have absolutely no foundation, Lenihan told the press.

The Irish government will hold a vote on the international rescue package today, which Fine Gael, the Labour Party and Sinn Fein have all said they will all vote against.

But the outcome of the vote will have no effect whatsoever on the Irish government's acceptance of the IMF-EU 85 billion euro bailout.

The government coalition is expected to win the vote handily with the backing of a number of key independents.

Lenihan said the terms of the agreement were already agreed and not renegotiable. His sentiments were confirmed by European Commissioner Olli Rehn.

"The agreements cannot be renegotiated. That's clear. The interest rate is not negotiable," Lenihan said. However Lenihan conceded there was still room for what he described as compositional changes after 2011.