In this great country called America two Chechen boys came to live. Their family was fleeing persecution and had been made refugees according to some reports.

America took them in, washed that awful past from their eyes and gave them everything this country gives every emigrant including myself - a chance.

They lived in one of the most beautiful parts of Boston, a great world city, got great educations had the opportunity to make something of their lives.

They seemed to take it. The older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, grew up to be an excellent boxer, fought in the U.S. Olympic trials, was in college and seemed to have a good life in front of him.

The younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, went to one of Boston’s most prestigious schools, excelled at wrestling and won a scholarship to a great university.

What’s not to like guys?

Okay, they may have been foreign and had difficulty, a little, with the language, they may have encountered some racism, but hey, they were in America, which had accepted their refugee family and they had the same chance as everyone else in a great country.

In thanks they wanted to blow everybody up.

They did kill a beautiful little boy, a wonderful restaurant manager and a Chinese immigrant and wounded 170 others. They also killed an Irish American cop and wounded another one.

Now I want to throw up when people come on the radio as they have been, especially from overseas, saying America doesn’t understand and they essentially deserved what they got, because  they - well they don’t like Muslims.

Wrong! We don’t like fanatics of any kind, people who blow up other people because they may not quite fit in.

We get quite tired of their Jihadi jigs and their perception we are the Great Satan. The Chechens were fighting the Russians as the oppressor not the United States - just to make a point.

So I hope the two boys for whom America opened its heart to, and they repaid in bullets and horrific acts, rot in hell and how they get there I don’t care.

And to everyone who says America brought this one on themselves I lift the biggest middle finger I can find.

We’ve all had enough of this guff.