PHOTOS - Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano eruptions - photo gallery

A new Icelandic ash cloud has once again sparked fears of airline chaos across Ireland and Europe. Already between 200 and 250 flights have been canceled.

On Tuesday morning it was reported that the ash cloud, from Grimsvotn volcano, had swept over western Norway and Denmark. Air traffic has been stalled causing delays in Copenhagen. The cloud is expected to spread to southern Norway by late Tuesday.

The European traffic control organization has warned on its website that that ash cloud is expected to reach northern Scotland on Tuesday. Already flights in Scotland are being cancelled. If the volcanic emissions continue with the same intensity, the ash cloud could reach western France air space and northern Spain as early as Thursday.

In Ireland authorities are closely monitoring the situation but already experts have warned that the eruption could cause havoc like last year  when air travel across Europe suffered great disruption.

The Irish weather service, Met Eireann reported on Monday there were expecting no disruption .

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has said they are not anticipating closure of the Irish or European airspace over the coming days, they added they would be providing updates as the situation develops.

Irish airlines Aer Lingus and Ryanair said the ash cloud so far has not affected any flights.
"There is no operational disruption at the moment but it remains to be seen whether there will be any impact -- the next couple of days," an Aer Lingus spokesman told the Evening Herald.

On Monday evening President Barack Obama was forced to cut his visit to Ireland short, moving on to London, as the air cloud threatened to delay his six-day visit to Europe. A Eurocontrol spokesperson said they do not believe Obama’s trip will be further compromised.

Last year the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano stranded millions and cost airlines and the tourist industry millions.

 PHOTOS - Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano eruptions - photo gallery

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