Ireland is officially the third most popular country searched on Facebook so it made perfect sense for Tourism Ireland to reach out their online fans.

In celebration how beloved Ireland is worldwide they asked their US Facebook fans in 2011 to finish the sentence “I love Ireland because...”

Orla Carey, from Tourism Ireland said their goal was to use “social media to inspire potential vacation-makers to visit the island of Ireland, and to stimulate positive word of mouth about the Ireland vacation experience.”

These are just some of the best entries.


“Your country has ALWAYS called to me..your sweeping landscapes of rich green speckled with whites from happy sheep…music that makes my insides swell with joy! No other place can quite pacify my soul the way Ireland can. Lost in Ireland? Lucky me.”

“Ireland feels like a dear old friend…an old friend who greets me with warmth and cheer no matter what the weather is, who serves up the best food and tea ever to cross my lips. An old friend who makes me feel at home so far away from home.”

“When I visited I wanted to be as close to the everyday folks as possible. Tourist sites are great for photos but for lasting memories it was the Irish people who seemed so familiar…that’s because they reminded me so much of my family.”

“It’s a place where beauty and serenity, laughter and music come together, wrapped up in myths and legends, and sprinkled with fairy dust and little people.”

“The friendliness of the people is absolutely unparalleled and the genuine warmth of a cead mile failte drinking a Guinness by a turf fire and listening to trad music is the best experience in the world.”

“It feels like home. The moment I set foot on Irish soil an overwhelming sense of calm and peace overcomes me. In this age of rushing we often forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of this world. Ireland offers this and so much more.”

“It's like going home. I have clean air and towns; simplicity at it's finest; warm pubs to talk with new lifelong friends; true quietness when I want it; the bustle of a city when I need it; history, music, art, architecture,and something to do every day.”

“On a cold day after overlooking the green hills and amazing views there is always within reach a warm pub, a smiling face, a pint, and a story waiting for you.”

“Everything is so green and lush!  Here in America something 100 years old is considered "old". In Ireland, you see things that are older than ANYTHING in America!!  It is AWESOME!”

“...because it feels like home & smells like a bit of heaven on earth.  Around every turn is yet another new reason to smile ..  I wish I were there right now."

* Originally published in October 2011.