A Polish driver’s suicide crash in England last year has claimed another Irish victim and left Cork woman Elber Twomey without her husband.

Con Twomey has died in hospital from injuries sustained in the crash which also killed his toddler son and unborn daughter.

Wife Elber is now the only survivor of the head-on collision with a car driven by suicide taxi driver Marek Wojciechowski.

The crash took place on a notorious stretch of road in Devon as the Irish family were driving home from a holiday in July last year.

Con, a 40-year-old builder, has died in Cork University Hospital from natural causes after spending the past ten months receiving treatment.

His wife Elber, who is still recovering from her injuries, is said to be distraught to have lost the ‘love of her life’ according to a report in the Irish Sun newspaper.

A friend told the paper: “She always had hope he would recover and devotedly visited him in hospital.”

Wojciechowski, just 20, also died in the collision, leaving his own two young kids fatherless.

Elber was five months pregnant at the time of the crash and suffered critical injuries while little Oisin was killed instantly.

Efforts to save the life of unborn baby Elber Marie failed.

The friend added: “Elber has lost her entire family now. She and Con were so much in love and so devoted to their children.

“I don’t know how she is going to cope.”