A petition to instate a memorial for Bobby the donkey, who has died from starvation in Donegal, has garnered nearly 600 signatures so far. The petition, organized by the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, looks to create a memorial to remember the cruelty against Bobby, as well as calling for changes in legislation to make animal abusers more accountable.

Bobby the donkey was found in 18 inches of mud in a shed in Fanad over the weekend. The Belfast Telegraph reports that the tiny foal may have been trampled on by up to 11 bulls that were also in the same shed, which is nearby to the popular tourist attraction Fanad Lighthouse.

The Donegal Donkey Sanctuary came to rescue the starving Bobby after Gardai were tipped off about the alleged abuse. Bobby, however, died shortly after he was brought to the Sanctuary at Raphoe in Donegal. Gardai supported the Sanctuary in their efforts to rescue Bobby from the farm, while local people came to express their anger for the animal abuse at hand.

Another foal from the same farm as Bobby is feared dead as well after disappearing days before Bobby was discovered.
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Danny Curran, organizer of the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, said that this was one of the worst cases of abuse he had encountered since founding the Sanctuary back in 2007. Curran said, “If a donkey is well fed it is warm and can withstand a lot. If they do not get enough to eat they are vulnerable to pneumonia which is what happened here. No one bothered with him at all and then he was housed with cattle who trampled his weak little body into the muck.”

Following this incident, a petition has been put forth that looks to create a statue in memory of Bobby the donkey in Donegal. The petition’s WEBSITE, entitled “Justice for Bobby,” calls for not only a memorial statue, but also to “seek changes in the law to make people accountable for their actions.”

Should the petition, which is being circulated online and via Facebook on the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary’s page, garner enough signatures, it will be delivered to the Minister of Agriculture at Leinster House via cart and donkey.