Galway girl Shahira Barry has been approached by Playboy to become the first Irish Playmate.

Sam Rhima, the Head of Casting at Hugh Hefner’s magazine, headhunted the 21-year-old after he spotted her on the cover of a record for rapper Da Kid K.

Speaking to the Irish Sun newspaper, Barry said, “I am on Model Mayhem, which is like Facebook for models, photographers and directors.

“You add people as friends so I added Sam but I never contacted him. He must have looked at my page and my website because he mailed me soon after and asked would I be interested in posing for Playboy.

“And I’ve been told if I say yes and they accept me as a Playmate, I will be the first Irish one. There are 40 million Irish people in America so it’s about time.”

Barry is on her way to meet with Playboy in LA but she’s already put her foot down and won’t be doing a nude shoot.

She said, “I wouldn’t be up for that so soon in my career. Where would you go after that? I would do implied nude, but I don’t want full frontal.

“They wanted me there on the 19th of this month but it is so soon, so we are trying to arrange for next month.

“I’ve nothing to lose by meeting them anyway — it looks like fun and I’ll get to visit the mansion and maybe see Hugh Hefner.”

Her Irish and Bangladeshi family are supporting her.

Barry said, “Well my mum never said she wanted me to grow up and do Playboy but for a girl from the west coast of Ireland to be approached by one of the biggest brands in the world is amazing.

“It is a huge thing and my family said they will support me either way. They know it is the chance to make my name here and abroad.”

Shahira Barry