In a feat worthy of Houdini, Fianna Fail are once again Ireland’s most popular party. Fianna Fail had suffered a massive drop in popularity after being the major government party during the catastrophic economic meltdown in 2007/2008.

In the last election in 2011 the party vote slumped to its lowest ever, falling from 41 percent to 17 percent.

But now with the Fine Gael/Labour government  adopting tough economic policies that are affecting ordinary people Fianna Fail, under new leader Michael Martin, are making a spectacular comeback.

Fianna Fail are at 26 per cent support in the Irish Times poll with Fine Gael dropping six points to 25 percent.

Sinn Fein are on 18 per cent with Labour, the minority government partner, plunging to 10 per cent. Independents of various backgrounds are at 20 percent.

Fianna Fail have doubled their vote since last April and have put aside fears the party was headed for political oblivion.

However, the poll was taken before the government forced through a deal on Anglo Irish bank debt that will allow repayments to the European Central Bank to be spread over a much longer period.

Fianna Fail party leader Michael MartinPA