An unemployed marketing graduate has been blown away by the response to his plea for a job to save him from emigration – on the side of one of the busiest roads in Dublin.
Feilim Mac An Iomaire spent his $3,000 savings on the massive billboard advertisement that offered his services to prospective employers from the side of the Merrion Road.
The advert features a photo of the 26-year-old facing landmarks from New York, London and Sydney with a message attached – Save Me From Emigration.
The graduate told the Irish Independent that he resorted to the shock tactic after spending eight months on the dole following his return from a year long working trip to Australia.
“I had a good bit of money saved when I came home from Australia but I was managing to live on jobseeker’s allowance,” he revealed.
“I gave it a week of hard thinking to come up with the concept and nothing was going to stop me then.
“The great thing is that everyone’s been so positive about it, no one has really had a bad word to say.
“Everybody who is close to me knows I’ve been pretty miffed about being unemployed and feeling like I’ve been on the sidelines.”
A Facebook page and a Twitter account are part of his ‘Jobless Paddy’ campaign which has provoked huge interest.
“I’ve had some really nice replies, some CV experts are willing to spruce up my CV so I’m pretty overwhelmed with that,” revealed Mac An Iomaire.
“It looks good for something to come out of it anyway. I am not exactly looking for a concrete job offer, I would sooner go through the whole process of doing an interview.”

Feilim Mac An Iomaire photographed in front of his "Save me from emigration" billboard on the Merrion Road, in Dublin