President Obama nominated Irish American John Brennan to be the next CIA director on Monday. The son of immigrants from Co. Roscommon, Brennan is not the first person of Irish descent to rise to prominence in the CIA. Here is brief profile of two other Irish Americans who have played an influential role in national security.

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Michael Hayden served as as CIA Director from 30 May 2006 - 12 February 2009

Michael Vincent Hayden was born on March 17, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated with a BA and MA from Duquesne University. He entered active duty in 1969 after he graduated from college.

He was appointed as CIA Director by President George W. Bush on 8 May 2006. His distinguished career included roles such as Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control, National Security Council and Deputy Chief of Staff, UN Command and US Forces Korea.

William Casey, served as CIA Director from 28 January 1981 – 29 January 1987

William Joseph Casey was born on March 1913 in New York. Before he joined the CIA he trained as  lawyer. He earned an undergraduate degree from Fordham University and then obtained an LLB at St. John’s University in New York.

Casey was appointed CIA Director by President Ronald Reagan on 20 January 1981. He had previously served as campaign manager for Reagan in 1980. During World War II he managed the entire American spy network in France and occupied Germany. He died on May 6 1987 aged 74.

Source  CIA.

William J. Casey: Intelligence Stalwart:

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