A Donegal estate agent has come up with a unique deal for wannabe buyers – buy one house, get one free.

Brendan McGlynn is selling houses in Letterkenny for $140,000 with the attached property next door thrown into the deal.

He also has houses with the same two-for-one offer in nearby Milford. Prices range from $140,000 to $170,000.

McGlynn is making the offer on semi-detached houses in both towns in a bid to allow builders to move on from the estates involved.

“There is absolutely no catch: you buy one and you get the house next door free,” McGlynn told the Irish Times. “These are not houses on a ghost estate - far from it.



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“We think it’s a really good deal and the idea is to get the last of houses on established residential estates sold.

“We have houses in two different estates in Letterkenny and one in Milford which are the last houses on each estate.

“If we can sell the houses we can move on to the next estate and try and keep things going.”

The properties on the three estates are all ‘almost finished’ three-bedroom semi-detached houses. Kitchens and fireplaces have been fitted in some of the houses.

McGlynn believes the deal will be particularly attractive to young couples looking to buy their first home.

He added: “There is nothing worse than seeing a few vacant houses on an estate when the rest of the area is looking well and people are living happily together.

“It brings the tone of the area down and to avoid that is part of the idea for doing this offer.

“Even if two young families come together, this could be the perfect opportunity for two young families.

“People are finding it difficult to get money but people don’t need a huge amount of a deposit to get a house - or even two.”